Round 2 ...

After the success of our 2020 launch in London, we are now planning where to go next with the #FundFreelance Dance Initiative
“We Used To Rule The World”
#FundFreelanceDance Dance Short Film Project

A Dance Short Film cinematically capturing the issue and highlighting the many challenges facing the Freelance Dance community during these uncertain times.

The second outing for the #FundFreelanceDance initiative will engage 15 Dance Artists, 1 Freelance Dance Teacher, 1 Freelance Class Pianist, 1 Freelance Filmmaker, 1 Dance Photographer, 2 Freelance Musicians, 1 Freelance Sound Engineer, 1 Freelance Lighting Technician, Venue Staff.




 15 Freelance Dance Artists – £100 = £1,500
The backbone of the project, 15 Freelance Dancers will be selected by CV and interview to take part in a  unique dance-on-camera experience, with class provided at the beginning of the day followed by one to one collaborative creation sessions and shoot time with the Film Director, aiming to highlight the individuality of each dance artist taking part.
1 Freelance Dance Teacher =  £75
Class each morning is how a dancer prepares physically, mentally and artistically for the rehearsal and performance day ahead. It is a vital part of a healthy dance artists movement “diet” whether freelance or employed by a company, and providing the dancers of this project with this essential service to their practice will form a key part of the project ethos of keeping freelance dance artists dancing, engaged and paid during these uncertain times.
A freelance and independent Dance Teacher will be engaged for a 75 minute class at the beginning of the creation date, and will provide the dancers with a trained eye on technique as well as support; Preparing the dancers for the creation process that will follow.
1 Freelance Pianist = £75 
A pianist for class is a professional dance class staple that this project will ensure is maintained on all four project dates. A Ballet pianist provides unmatched accompaniment and support to the artists taking the class and awakens and engages a dancer’s physical response to movement beyond that of a recording.
The choice to keep live music in the studio will ensure that freelance class pianists are not left behind as part of the initiative aim of keeping freelance dance and its associated ecosystems alive during difficult times.
1 Freelance Filmmaker = Shoot Date & Edit Date = £500

A Freelance Filmmaker will be engaged to work and collaborate closely with the dance film’s Director & Producer on both the shoot date and throughout the editing process in order to help this unique #FundFreelanceDance output achieve its goals.

The Filmmaker will be responsible for deciding on the equipment & technology required for the shoot date, advising the Director on the capture techniques required by the location and style of the output and will collaborate directly with the Dance Artists during their time on set.

1 Freelance Dance Photographer = £100
Dance photography is an essential part of the studio, rehearsal and performance process in the field of classical & contemporary dance, and without freelance dance photographers we would not have all of the imagery and moments captured in dance that adorn our favourite dance magazines, programmes and literature.
An established or emerging freelance dance photographer will be brought on board to capture still images during the shoot date.

The photographer we engage will benefit from access to the dancer artists during this unique creation process, will have use of the mutually selected images for their own portfolio, with the option to market the images to press. We will seek to have the photographer’s images used for all paid press imagery associated with the project.
The chosen photographer will be invited to experiment and collaborate directly with dancers to explore and achieve new and exciting perspectives on capturing dance.
2 Freelance Musicians – Singer & Pianist - £300 = £600 
A freelance Singer and freelance Pianist will be brought together to develop a unique sound and reinvent the meaning behind a classic track, collaborating in advance of the shoot date as well as being recorded  live on location, both as an audio capture and then on camera. As narrative leads for the work, the musicians will work closely with the Filmmaker and Director/Producer in order to achieve the message that #FundFreelanceDance is seeking to platform.
Sound Engineer - £250
A Sound Engineer will be engaged in order to capture the track on the shoot date, and then edit/mixdown the sound to match the overall messaging behind the work being created.


Lighting Technician = £250

A Lighting technician will enhance the capture by providing a lighting setup for the shoot date, and collaborate with the filmmaker in order to achieve the best conditions possible in order to capture the films essence at the highest visual fidelity possible.

Venue - Sponsored rate & Staffing = £750
Where we dance often has an effect on How we dance, and so for this project we are seeking to provide all of the artists involved with a clean, professional and creatively stimulating environment in which to create unique work, a memorable experience and produce a final dance short that could not have been made in any other location.

Director & Producer

Jamiel Laurence is an award-winning independent choreographer and mobile filmmaker based in Glasgow, U.K.
Wanting to do something to help the wider freelance community and as the founder of the project, Jamiel will not be taking a fee for this initiative, but instead is using this opportunity to work with new dancers and through a film output raise awareness for why freelance artists play such an essential role in the wider dance community.
The Director & Producer will be tasked with taking the project from idea, into planning and through to completion, overseeing and guiding all of the creative input towards a final outcome for the #FundFreelanceDance’s second outing and growing online digital presence.


PPE - £300

With the safety of all of the artists involved in the project being the top priority, the second #FundFreelanceDance project will employ every current COVID-19 compliancy practice available at the time of the event taking place, and will continue its collaboration with KUSTOM CLOTHING in providing masks for all involved, along with the required sanitisation provisions, practices and protocols.