TUESDAY - Class with Constance Devernay (1hr15)

WEDNESDAY - Hatha Yoga with Constance Devernay (1hr)

THURSDAY - Barre with Jamiel Laurence (1hr15) .

FRIDAY - Neo Classical Class & Workshop with Mark Samaras (1hr30)

#FundFreelanceDance Free Classes - An ongoing series...


With the pandemic showing no signs of slowing down, and Freelance Dancers finding safe studio access near impossible and tangible employment even more scarce, the #FundFreelanceDance initiative will respond directly by shifting its fundraising efforts towards raising small amounts to cover the costs of a freelance teacher, providing classes from within their own homes via ZOOM.


Just £75 raised will cover a single teaching post for a free professional class provided as a service to any and all dancers wishing to take part.Class is an essential part of any dancer's 'movement diet' and we cannot underestimate the positive impact an idea like this can have on the wider dance conversation during this challenging period.

Contracted or Furloughed Artists may also take part, volunteering their time to teach or by joining on one of our classes as a participant.

Class is an essential part of any dancer's 'movement diet' and we cannot underestimate the positive impact an idea like #FreeClass can have on the wider dance conversation during this challenging period.

Thank you for supporting #FundFreelanceDance.

The second series of free online ZOOM classes, this time hosted by founder, Jamiel Laurence, and broadcast live from his own living room in Glasgow, U.K.

Nobody expected the U.K. to be in such a severe lockdown over the festive period, and it is our hope that these classes will act as a direct response for those seeking:

- access to a free, professional standard class each day as we enter 2021.

- to raise awareness for the challenges facing all freelance dance artists over this period.

- Become a part of the wider conversation, with the opportunity to for all to have their say on what they would like to see #FundFreelanceDance do next.



#FundFreelanceDance is pleased to announce its first series of free online ZOOM classes, broadcast live from the Lanterns Studio Theatre, London.

The classes are aimed at providing a free service to those freelance dance artists across the world, who are trying to practice their craft while facing the many challenges of lockdown and may not have the means to maintain a daily class routine.

With so many of us across Europe in many different stages and styles of lockdown, it is our hope that this free service may go some way to keeping our freelance dance artists dancing, and on the road to returning soon to a stage near you.

This series has been made possible by personal friends and colleagues donating in  loving memory of Clive Burton, to whom this series of classes is dedicated.

We would also like to thank the Lanterns Studio Theatre for its support in  kindly providing the space and facilities required to carry out these classes safely.

In Memory of Clive Burton

Clive Burton brought dance and, in particular, ballet, his love of the art form, the performers and the sheer exuberance of movement to his many friends and to a wider audience through his work as Dance Editor of Ritz Magazine and as a contributor for The Dancing Times.


Clive served on the Laurence Olivier Awards dance panel and was responsible for the UK marketing and PR support programme for Cuban superstar, Jose Manuel Carreno.

For the final years of his all too short life, Clive was an active and committed reviewer for the Theatre World website.


We, his many friends, could think of no better way to commemorate his death than to support young dancers and we wish you all survival and success in a better world tomorrow.