John & Hilary Austin are owners of a successful commercial business operating in Scotland, U.K., and are major supporters and advocates for the Arts across the country, acting as donors to the #FundFreelanceDance Initiative.

In 2016 their investment into the performing arts won the award for “Business Creativity” at the 30th Annual Arts & Business Scotland Awards, for taking the lead in establishing and developing partnerships with cultural organisations in order to drive and develop commercial opportunities for both parties which impact the wider community.

John and Hilary have provided ongoing support for the #FundFreelanceDance project since its inception and alongside their donation have guided the team by helping develop fundraising strategies and assisted in exposing the project to new audiences.

John & Hilary Austin

Donors & Supporters

Moondog Labs believe that all filmmakers and photographers deserve professional-grade creative imaging options, regardless of the camera platform that they use… and that they should have the flexibility to use their gear however they want. Their growing catalogue of pioneering products includes revolutionary anamorphic lenses, state-of-the-art filters and mounts, and sleek counterweights, all of which are specifically designed for the mobile community.

Since 2018, Moondog Labs have been assisting and supporting founder of #FundFreelanceDance, Jamiel Laurence, in his career as an independent choreographer & mobile filmmaker, and have now extended their support to the #FundFreelanceDance initiative. 

Moondog Labs have supported the initiative by supplying mobile lens & filter technology which will be used to document the creative output.


Mobile Filmmaking Technology

Sponsor & Supporter